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June 11, 2012 / josephesque

250 Word Flash Fiction: Entered a Contest; Lost; Now Sent Elsewhere for Review; Waiting…


Swirling lights in Sebastian’s rearview mirror muddled his psyche, and his ears deafened
to internal bedlam resulting from the sirens. His condition turned loud noises into intensifying
feedback, providing terrible anxiety for the lonely, middle-aged man. He usually carried ear
plugs but had used his last pair at the movies after a failed eHarmony date. He held the wheel
with one hand and an umbrella with the other, ineffectively sheltering him from the San
Francisco rain – he couldn’t afford to fix the sunroof. Shaking his head to rattle out the din,
memories of his date leaving with frat boys to some kegger briefly distracted him until the
feedback again took over.

Inner blaring continued to trump Sebastian’s wits. He couldn’t determine if the sirens
were even for him, and he bellowed to drown out the cacophony, only intensifying it. Was he
supposed to pull over on a bridge? He couldn’t; he was surrounded. He dropped the umbrella and
ran fingers through his hair. Sebastian’s mind drifted again, and he remembered his teenage
driving instructions.

“You know son,” his father said, “be careful rubbernecking, because where you turn
your head is typically the direction your car’ll go.”

And amidst the layers of distortion, Sebastian looked out his sunroof, past the bridge
suspenders, to the sky.

First his front tires, then all four lifted off the ground, and he distanced from the sounds,
feedback fading, clouds approaching, and Sebastian was finally able to focus, albeit now on a
new, unexpected issue: landing.

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