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June 11, 2012 / josephesque

Interview Excerpt: Santanero Zine #2

Enrique (E.M.A.) from Santanero interviewed me (Joseph Blair) and included it in the second publication of the Santa Ana locals free zine. Here is an excerpt. To learn more about the zine or where to pick one up, please click the picture below.

E: So, what’s the novel about?

J: My novel is about that tour, very loosely. It’s a group of 6 very unique characters. The overall arc of the novel is to see how these characters react and how they play off each other and how they develop as humans, as real human beings through the events, many of which are loosely based on events I experienced on tour. So, while the characters are all fictional and their reactions may or may not be completely fiction, it is a work of fiction that is pulled from my experience.

E: Tell me about Koo’s Cafe in Santa Ana back in the day.

J: When I met my wife, shew as booking shows at Koo’s. And so I met her when I was about 16 years old. She booked my band. I never knew her. Never got to know her. It turned out she was living there at the time. And it kind of just became our go-to place. There were always good shows there… At Koo’s. I played with bands like Bright Eyes.

E: Bright Eyes was at Koo’s?

J: Yeah. Bright Eyes played at Koo’s back in 2000. We played with them there.

E: Nice. What was the name of your band?

J: The band I was in back then was Derbyshire.


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