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May 28, 2013 / josephesque

Poem Set: Published in The Mayo Review (Texas A&M’s Literary Journal)

B-6 on an Atomic Jukebox



A man presses “B-6” and the CheezIt® crackers

stick in the goddamned machine.

Just stuck there to a 12 gauge SST spiral

waiting to fall, always, waiting to plunge down.

Waiting to be consumed.


A child shouts “B-6” and another shouts,

“You sunk my battleship!” and the first replies,

“My dad was on a battleship when the Clemente Island

nuke dropped.”

“I’m sorry.” The boys say a six second prayer.

The first calls another shot.



Just hours after tasting his wife’s lips for the last time,

the Chief of National Defense receives the directive

from the Commander-in-Chief to send fifty megatonnage

to the glowing green B-6 grid on a modest screen,

and nickel plated keys are simultaneously turned.


Twenty-five megatons had previously

been agreed upon, but humanity played second violin

in the key of B, accompanying a choir

of crickets, silencing. Scores of people

never return home.

Some refuse to.




Little Sketches of Nautilus Beasts on Atlas Maps



A sea monster does not hold certain its own existence

nor does the soul of one so callused know of a God

but when he weekly enters into a temple

and a man garbed in black pleas for money

the uneasiness of the attender is left to question why

a God so perfect

would need so much

and so he returns home

not knowing if the sea exists

nor the deepest and most callused monster



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